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ANR Vigitermes: Data Mining for Pharmacovigilance

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ANR Vigitermes: Data Mining for Pharmacovigilance
Category: National initiatives

Pharmacovigilance covers research activities related to detection, analysis, and prevention of unexpected adverse drug reactions (ADR). In France, ADRs when they are known have to be declared by health-care professionals. Besides, the regional "Pharmacovigilance Centers" collect spontaneous reports on ADRs for all drugs commercialized in France, while pharmacovigilance units of pharmaceutical laboratories receive spontaneous reports on ADRs in which they are directly concerned. All reports are registered in the pharmacovigilance national database, called AFSSaPS for "Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé". In the same way, at the international level, individual reports on unsuspected ADRs are collected and stored in a centralized database, including more than 3.7 million case reports, described in several languages.

The general objective of the Vigitermes project (which involves 10 partners) consists in supporting the work of Pharmacovigilance experts in two ways: firstly in guiding information retrieval and access to available resources, e.g. Pharmacovigilance database, product catalogs, medical literature, secondly, in improving signal detection in pharmacovigilance. In both cases, KDDK methods based on domain knowledge are used data analysis and knowledge discovery [58].


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